Eyelash extension application is a craft that requires knowledge, precision and a lot of practice. Practicing without training can be a very slow process with many mistakes, stress and unhappy clients. We know that by taking advantage of our training, you will become a recognized professional.

Our courses have been developed in collaboration with the brand. The courses are constantly updated to ensure that students are trained in the latest and most innovative extension techniques. 

LASH LIFT – Réhaussement de cils

Si vous recherchez une formation « LASH LIFT » qui vous permettrait d’acquérir toutes les connaissances et compétences nécessaires pour devenir la meilleure dans votre domaine, ne cherchez pas plus loin!
The Lash Lift course is a comprehensive course created to Loreta's high training standards as an international judge.
Ce cours, dispensé par nos expertes et formatrices « LASH LIFT » en Suisse est parfait pour les Lash Artist débutantes ou avancées qui souhaitent recevoir une formation approfondie et des qualifications reconnues en matière de réhaussement de cils en utilisant nos produits de dernière génération.


Do you want to master the latest innovation in beauty care and provide an excellent alternative to microblading?
Le « BROW LAMINATION » est la toute dernière innovation « sourcils »  et une excellente alternative au microblading ou au maquillage permanent, qui permet, par un processus de restructuration des sourcils de les maintenir dans la forme désirée.
C’est le traitement parfait pour toute personne dont la pousse des poils est irrégulière, pour les sourcils indisciplinés, pour combler, ou pour simplement avoir un effet permanent « peigné ». 
You will learn the art of creating the all-natural, fluffy eyebrows that many clients are seeking today.
Here too the products are of the latest generation and provide the eyebrows with everything they need.



Training over 1 or 2 days according to your needs, in individual courses or in masterclass, according to a date to be agreed with the trainer.


These courses are aimed at experts in the application of eyelash extensions. This revolutionary method consists of placing 3 to 6 extra-fine eyelash extensions on a natural eyelash. The number of eyelashes is thus increased tenfold with unequalled comfort for your client. During this training, you will learn how to choose the best design to sublimate your client's look. Mixing curves, lengths, fanning extensions, using a minimum of glue.

Training over 1 or 2 days according to your needs, in individual courses or in masterclass, according to a date to be agreed with the trainer.
This course is aimed at stylists who are qualified and experienced in classical extensions. Passionate about eyelash extensions, they now want to let their imagination run wild using new techniques and materials and become true professionals.
This course was developed by Loreta to help the "eyelash artist" improve her skills and learn new and exclusive tricks.
This course is for those who want to go to the extreme of perfection in the art of lash application. During this one-on-one training, you will receive 100% attention and 0% distractions. This course will not only be tailored to your needs, it will exceed your expectations!

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Our professional and certified trainers provide Flawless Lashes by Loreta courses in Switzerland.

Miki Tanabe Girardelli

Trainer for German-speaking Switzerland

Miki started in the art of eyelash extension in 2008 and since then she has continued to learn and improve. Although she started her business in an area where eyelash extensions were not well known at the time, she has managed to expand her client base and grow.

Her passion and enthusiasm for the technique has only grown over the years and she thoroughly enjoys her work. Miki had the opportunity to attend the Elite Russian Volume Lash course with Loreta in 2017 and immediately fell in love with her products and was inspired by her philosophy.

Aujourd’hui, elle est formatrice de Loreta en Suisse Allemande. Miki est impatiente de partager ses connaissances des techniques professionnelles et d’enseigner aux autres l’art détaillé de l’extension des cils.

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Wimpernsalon Miki - Wimpernsalon Miki

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Laetitia El Baqqaly

Trainer for French-speaking Switzerland

Laetitia has been working in the eyelash industry since 2013 and has attended various training courses in Switzerland, France and the UK. In 2016, she went directly to Loreta's training. She said, "Loreta taught me a lot about values that are important to me today, such as safety, hygiene and lash health."

Laetitia enjoys her work, especially motivated by the transmission of knowledge acquired during the years of practice. What she particularly appreciates in the training is to see her students evolve. "Keeping an eye on their respective careers and always being available is fundamental for me. They are my greatest pride.



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